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The Archives Project

An examination, with refined skepticism, of the implications of the decline of institutional film culture, the rise of Blu-Ray and DVD, and the related spread of online cinephilia.

/ Daryl Chin
The Archives Project
  • Director Profile
    Beyond Realism : The Films of Philippe Garrel
    Beyond Realism : The Films of Philippe Garrel Philippe Garrel is one of the most personal and uncompromising artists in contemporary cinema. An examination of the aspects of Garrel’s style, focusing on the period in his career that followed in the wake of L’Enfant secret.
    / Rahee Punyashloka
  • Roundtable
    Hugo : A Roundtable
    Hugo : A Roundtable Much delayed for Indian release, Martin Scorsese’s latest film, Hugo, is discussed at length, by way of digressions to issues like the traumas of mid-century wars, machines in the cinema and the idea of cinephilia.
    / Various
  • DVD Review
    Mani Kaul on DVD
    Mani Kaul on DVD A discussion of some of the particular qualities of Mani Kaul’s uncompromising art, and its transfer onto home-video.
    / Devdutt Trivedi
  • Historical
    Cinema of Bengal: A Historical Narrative (Part II)
    Cinema of Bengal: A Historical Narrative (Part II) The second part of an overview of the cinematic history of Bengal, chronicling its post-war glories and the remnants of it which still persist.
    / Shantanu Ray Chaudhari
  • General Review
    General Review
    General Review General Reviews: A sample of some of the big-screen theatrical films on offer in the last three months. 
    / Anuj Malhotra, Sudarshan Ramani, Satish Naidu
  • Essay
    To Live in Half-Measures
    To Live in Half-Measures An overview of the changing personal beliefs of Dibakar Banerjee, his critical reception and an appraisal of his latest film Shanghai.
    / Anuj Malhotra
  • Festival Report
    Edinburgh Brief
    Edinburgh Brief A summary of the 2012 Edinburgh Intenational Film Festival
    / David Cairns
  • Essay
    A Letter from Chandigarh
    A Letter from Chandigarh The MeTa Movie Club, organized by Surbhi Goel and friends, is the subject of this first-person account of moviegoing in Chandigarh, India’s only planned city
    / Surbhi Goel
  • +Plus
    Laconia : Thinking Through Film
    Laconia : Thinking Through Film Book Review: Laconia, Thinking Through Film
    / Anamaria Dobinciuc